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  • Dr. Jason Cox is the head of the Art Education program at the University of Toledo, where he oversees the progress of both undergraduate and graduate students in art education. He believes he has an ethical responsibility to teach students to be anti-racist, to maintain a curriculum that engages meaningfully with the students, and to be open to experimenting with new ideas and media. Dr. Cox developed his professional art education experience over many years as a K-8 Art teacher in Washington DC, and has been supervising student teachers since 2012. He received the Higher Education Division award from the Ohio Art Education Association (OAEA) in 2020 and received the prestigious Manuel Barkan Fellowship from the Ohio State University in 2015.

    Dr. Cox has experience with a range of artistic media, but his current research and artwork is focused on the creation of games that investigate emotional and cognitive spaces. His work has been presented and played at every level, from local to international, and has been used as a media for arts-based inquiry into the discourse of power, to facilitate discussion of art within a museum, to create a series of narratively linked works, and to explore concepts of identity in educational settings. Dr. Cox has also devoted a significant portion of his practice to performative media, and was a part of the traveling puppetry troupe Das Puppenspiel in Westfield, NY, and with the Black Cherry Puppet Theater in Baltimore, MD. 

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