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  • Dr. Cox developed his professional art education experience over many years as a K-8 Art teacher at the Sheridan School in Washington DC, and was both a student-teacher supervisor and an instructor of Digital Arts at the Ohio State University. While attending the Ohio State University, Dr. Cox received the prestigious Manuel Barkan Fellowship, which is awarded to a single graduate student based on the first three chapters of their dissertation, and served for a year as president of Arts Priori, the organization that represents the interests of graduate students in the department.

    Dr. Cox has experience with a range of artistic media, but has devoted a significant portion of his practice to performative media. Before becoming a full-time art educator he was a part of Das Puppenspiel, a travelling puppetry troupe that was based out of western New York, and he interned with the Black Cherry Puppet Theater in Baltimore, MD. More recently he has adapted American freeform games, in which players assume different roles to investigate emotional and cognitive spaces, into a media for arts-based inquiry into the discourse of power within educational communities. These studies resulted in several presentations at academic conferences, an article in the International Journal of Education through Art (IJETA) entitled Role-playing games in arts, research and education (Volume 10, Number 3, 2014), and his dissertation, Educational communities, arts-based inquiry and role-playing: An American freeform exploration with professional and pre-service art educators (2015). 

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