Scholars@UToledo is a public portal and database of the research output of University of Toledo faculty and other scholars. It is built on an application (VIVO) which allows one to easily search and browse for topics, people, and organizations of interest. It is designed to feature and celebrate the wealth of research and creative activities being generated every day by University of Toledo scholars.

Where does the information in the portal come from?

How do I search the portal?

What are the People, Research, and Departments & Colleges menu links for?

What is the Research Overlap link?

What are the Hot Paper, International & Industry Collaborations, and Open Access Publication sections?

How do I update my information if I'm a UToledo faculty member?

How can I get assistance if I'm in the media?


Information in the Portal:

The research items represented in Scholars@UToledo are collected from two main sources: non-sensitive information from Faulty180 (Interfolio) profiles that are updated and maintained by individual UToledo faculty, and the research publications indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection Databases (Clarivate). These two separate sources of information are identified in the personal profiles in the section headers. Information may be enhanced, when available, by related citation and impact information from Clarivate and Altmetric.


You can search from the Home page or from the Search box at the upper right.  All information is searched, so you can search for names, keywords, publication titles, etc. 

A menu on the right of your search results will help you filter to show just People, Research publications, etc.

Search Tips:


Using the menu links at the upper right, you can browse through alphabetical lists of

Research Overlaps:

This search will allow you to find UToledo researchers based on the subject categories of publications that they have published in. 

  1. Enter a Subject Category from the Web of Science Categories
  2. Choose a cutoff number high enough to find all UToledo researchers (suggested is 100)
  3. Click Search
    1. Click the Number next to the category to see all researchers who have published on that topic.  Click on individual's names to see their profile.
    2. The group will also show the Departments those researchers are associated with.
  4. To find an overlap, enter another Web of Science Category and click Search again.
    1. Click any Number between two categories to see all researchers who publish in both topic areas
    2. Numbers connected to only one category will show researcher for that topic area but no other connected topic
  1. Repeat for more overlaps.

Example: A search for Oncology, Pharmacology & Pharmacy, and Nutrition & Dietetics reveals two researchers that have done research in all three areas, 10 researchers who study both Oncology and Pharmacology/Pharmacy, etc.  Click on any number to see the researchers' name and link to their profile.

Example of Research Areas Overlap visualization

Home page Featured Publications:

Publications are featured on the homepage that meet certain criteria.  All data is provided by the Web of Science Core Collection from Clarivate Analytics.

Information for UToledo Faculty:

Faculty can update information on their profiles by updating their information in Faculty180.  See our Scholars@UToledo LibGuide for more details.  Please direct any questions about Faculty180 to Elissa Falcone, Academic Project Manager in the Provost Office (,  and any questions about the Scholars@UToledo portal itself to Wade Lee-Smith, Research Engagement Librarian, University Libraries (  

Information for Media Professionals:

The University of Toledo's Communications team is happy to help you get your story.  Contact any of our Media Relations Specialists for help contacting our researchers or developing your story.