• Dr. Randy Ellingson is currently a Professor of Physics at the University of Toledo.  He received his bachelor degree from Carleton College in 1987, and completed his Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics in 1994 under the supervision of Prof. C. L. Tang at Cornell University.  He spent the next 14 years at NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab), where he worked with Arthur Nozik to study charge carrier dynamics in quantum-confined solar energy materials.  This work, with colleague Matt Beard and others, lead to experimental evidence for multiple exciton generation (MEG) in PbS, PbSe, PbTe, and c-Si colloidal semiconductor QDs (quantum dots).  In 2008, Randy joined the faculty at the University of Toledo where he teaches and oversees research on a wide variety of thin film photovoltaic (PV) materials, devices, and systems, including those technologies based on CdTe, CIGS, perovskites, and crystalline silicon.  His group employs colloidal synthesis, device design, and time-resolved optical spectroscopy to develop new understanding of PV energy conversion.  Current goals include the development of passivating, carrier-selective contacts for thin film PV absorber systems.  

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