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  • After getting my Ph.D. in biochemistry, I spent the next one and a half decades on scholarly research. I worked in various prestigious institutions in India and the USA. For ten years (2008-2018), I worked as a research track faculty at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. My research interest was in the regulation of gonadotropin receptors. The work was highly productive resulting in several publications in high impact factor journals, review articles, and book chapters. The major breakthrough during this period was the discovery of a microRNA in the ovary, until then known to be expressed solely in liver, which functions as an intermediate in the regulation of a very crucial gonadotropin receptor and thereby plays a significant role in the female reproductive process. This microRNA, miR-122 is by now widely established to be involved in the regulation of cholesterol synthesis thereby making it a critical link between cholesterol metabolism and female reproduction. 

    While my research work was interesting, at one point I decided to give it a rest and chase my passion for teaching. I was provided with a valuable opportunity for that in my current position as an Assistant Professor at UT Medical School. I find my work as an instructor of Medical Education highly rewarding and personally motivating and empowering. I look forward to more fruitful years being a dedicated teacher, sincere career advisor, trusted student mentor, and endearing colleague. 

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