Molecular regulation of LHCGR expression by miR-122 during follicle growth in the rat ovary Article (Faculty180)

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  • Menon, Bindu; Gulappa, Thippeswamy; Menon, K M


  • We have previously reported that LHCGR expression in the ovary is regulated through a post-transcriptional mechanism involving an mRNA binding protein designated as LRBP, which is regulated, at least in part, by a non-coding RNA, miR-122. Our present study examined the regulatory role of miR-122 in FSH-induced LHCGR expression during follicle development. Treatment of rat granulosa cells concurrently with FSH and 17β estradiol showed, as expected, a time-dependent increase in LHCGR mRNA levels as well as hCG-induced progesterone production. However, miR-122 expression was decreased during the early time periods, which preceded the increased expression of LHCGR mRNA. The role of miR-122 in FSH-induced LHCGR mRNA expression was then examined by overexpressing miR-122 prior to FSH stimulation by infecting granulosa cells with an adenoviral vector containing a miR-122 insert (AdmiR-122). Pretreatment with AdmiR-122 resulted in complete abrogation of FSH- mediated upregulation of LHCGR. AdmiR-122 also blocked FSH-induced decrease in LRBP expression and increased the binding of LHCGR mRNA to LRBP. Based on these results, we conclude that miR-122 plays a regulatory role in LHCGR expression by modulating LRBP levels during FSH-induced follicle growth.


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  • 2017

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