A Qualitative Analysis of Parents' and Service Coordinators' Descriptions of Variables That Influence Collaborative Relationships Article (Web of Science)


  • Parent-professional collaboration is an essential component of successful early intervention efforts. A collaborative relationship exists when both parents and professionals view each other as partners, with both providing expertise and knowledge that will help the family reach its goals. Although collaborative relationships are valued within early intervention, little is known about the variables that enhance or detract from collaboration. The purpose of this study was to examine parents' and service coordinators' (SCs) responses to two open-ended questions in a survey sent to over 1,400 parents and SCs. Survey respondents were asked to describe the variables that the other person in the partnership brings to the relationship that either enhance or interfere with collaboration. Survey results suggested that interpersonal and communication skills are critical for successful collaboration. The authors also discuss the microcounseling model, a model of behavioral consultation training that may be useful in preservice and inservice staff development efforts.


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  • 1996

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