Corticostriatal dysfunction and social interaction deficits in mice lacking the cystine/glutamate antiporter Article (Web of Science) Early Access (Web of Science)

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  • Bentea, Eduard; Villers, Agnes; Moore, Cynthia; Funk, Adam J.; O'Donovan, Sinead M.; Verbruggen, Lise; Lara, Olaya; Janssen, Pauline; De Pauw, Laura; Declerck, Noemi B.; DePasquale, Erica A. K.; Churchill, Madeline J.; Sato, Hideyo; Hermans, Emmanuel; Arckens, Lutgarde; Meshul, Charles K.; Ris, Laurence; McCullumsmith, Robert E.; Massie, Ann

publication date

  • May 4, 2020


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