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  • Tasha R. Dunn, Ph.D. employs a hands-on approach to teaching and research that is inspired by her time working in the media industry prior to pursuing her doctoral degree. The bulk of her research addresses the complex and increasingly interwoven relationship between media and life, with a particular focus on interpersonal relationships, social media, critical/cultural studies, qualitative inquiry, whiteness, class, and gender. She is currently analyzing how people in romantic relationships negotiate the presence of social media. Dr. Dunn’s research is featured in a variety of scholarly publications including Communication and Critical/Cultural StudiesThe Journal of Social Media in Society, the International Review of Qualitative ResearchThe Popular Culture Studies Journal, the Journal of Autoethnography, and more. Most noteworthy to date is her award-winning book, Talking White Trash: Mediated Representations and Lived Experiences of White Working-Class People, which was published by Routledge in 2019. Dr. Dunn has also participated in and presented her research at numerous regional, national, and international conferences where she has won “top paper” awards and served in various leadership positions. Apart from her research, Dr. Dunn is deeply committed to civic engagement and strives to teach and serve in ways that foster positive social change within the classroom and the discipline of communication at large, as well as beyond the academy. 

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