• George Choueiri received his doctoral and master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ottawa for his work, respectively, on flow instabilities and natural convection heat transfer in complex channels (such as those found in nuclear reactor rod bundles). He was later awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND fellowship (IST Fellow) at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria, where his research focus shifted to complex fluids, and in particular, the dynamics of drag-reducing additives. His research includes natural and mixed convective heat transfer, turbulent drag reduction, buoyancy, and shear-driven instabilities, instabilities in complex fluid flows (dilute polymer solutions and particle-laden flows), and more recently hydrodynamic quantum analogs involving bouncing fluid droplets. Applications of his research extend from natural, medical and biological systems (such as inundated rivers, pollution dispersion in bodies of water and the atmosphere, and blood flows around catheters) to industry and the energy sector (such as fluid transport through pipes, the cementing of oil wells, heat transfer in nuclear reactors and hydroelectric pumped storage).

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  • George H Choueiri


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