Experimental investigation of flow development and gap vortex street in an eccentric annular channel. Part 1. Overview of the flow structure Article (Web of Science)


  • AbstractFlow visualization, laser Doppler velocimetry and planar and stereoscopic particle image velocimetry were used to investigate the isothermal velocity field along an eccentric annular channel with a diameter ratio of 0.5 and an eccentricity of 0.8 for a Reynolds number of 7300. Observation of the flow development has identified three distinct regions: the entrance region, the fluctuation-growth (FG) region and the rapid-mixing (RM) region. Weak quasi-periodic velocity fluctuations were first detected in the downstream part of the entrance region, and grew into very strong ones, reaching peak-to-peak amplitudes in the narrow gap that were nearly 60 % of the bulk velocity. Two mixing layers were identified on either side of the gap, which generated a street of counter rotating vortices and thorough large-scale mixing of the fluid in the channel.


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