• I was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. My interest in math started back in school. While I was in school I participated in math competitions in different level (regional, city, national). After school I went for undergraduate in National University of Uzbekistan. I published my first research paper in my second year of the undergraduate and year later the next one. In my last year undergraduate I won Presidential Scholarship which is annual award given only one student in the science. The year I was admitted to graduate math program at Cornell University. I started my research with Reyer Sjamaar in Symplectic Geometry. I have been given Robert S. Battig award for my research work in thesis. In the thesis, I constructed a class of examples of quasi-Hamiltonian spaces using implosion method introduced earlier by Guillemin-Jeffrey-Sjamaar, which was conjectured by L.Jeffey. On the last year of graduate year, I started research on automorphism groups of algebra of differential operators motivated by Stafford conjecture. After graduating Cornell, I had 3-year postdoctoral position in University of Arizona, Tucson. There I collaborated with Prof. Philip Foth and we wrote a paper on convexity result for noncompact Lie groups. Then I had 3-year fellowship at University of Western Ontario. After which I spent one year as visiting professor at Cornell University. Last six years, I have been an Assistent Professor at Department of Statistics and Mathematics at University of Toledo.

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  • Alimjon Eshmatov


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