Tribological Properties of Multilayer TiN and MoS2 Thin Films Article (Faculty180)

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  • Ahmed, Omer; Cioc, Sorin; Cioc, Carmen; Jayatissa, Ahalapitiya H


  • This paper presents tribological behavior of titanium nitride and molybdenum sulfide thin film coatings on a workpiece. The titanium nitride films were coated by RF magnetron sputtering method and molybdenum sulfide films were coated by vacuum thermal evaporation. Titanium nitride is a hard ceramic materials, which has excellent mechanical properties. However, the friction coefficient of titanium nitride is rather high. To improve the tribological properties of the titanium nitride films, a thin layer of molybdenum sulfide was coated as a solid lubricant. The results showed a substantial decrease in the coefficient of friction of dual-layered MoS2 over TiN compared with the titanium nitride film or as-received aluminum substrate. The low coefficient of friction can directly be correlated to the MoS2 layer whereas the TiN film acts as a robust and durable base material. The coefficient of friction was measured using a pin on a disc tribometer with a steel pin as the counter face. Our results demonstrated that the coating of MoS2 over TiN has a low coefficient of friction. In addition, it was also found that wear resistance of MoS2 coated TiN was better than both MoS2 and TiN films.

publication date

  • 2017

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