Combining Project Based Learning with the KEEN Framework in an Advanced Fluid Mechanics Course: One Year Implementation Proceedings (Faculty180)

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  • Cioc, Carmen; Haughton, Noela A; Cioc, Sorin


  • <p>This paper describes a one-year implementation and the results of a Project Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy combined with KEEN Entrepreneurial Mindset (EML) Framework in a core senior level course part of the Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) program. The work is a close collaboration between engineering and education faculty, and in alignment with all the five Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for ABET Criteria for Engineering Technology Programs.</p> <p>The course selected for this PBL - EML implementation is Applied Fluid Mechanics, a four-credit course with a lab component. It is the second in the fluid mechanics sequence and covers topics like pipeline systems, pump selection, and flow of air in ducts.</p> <p>During the fall 2021 and spring 2022 terms, a few PBL exercises were introduced in the curriculum to cover fluid flow through pipeline systems and pump selection theories. For example, one exercise asked the students to design a pump storage hydropower system able to satisfy a list of specific design requirements, including selecting a feasible pump and estimating the costs associated with implementing the proposed design. Another asked the students to design an HVAC system able to provide heating / cooling for the two MET laboratories. In all instances, the students were asked to analyze the economical and societal impact of their designs based on the selection of three materials for their pipeline systems. Students were also asked to complete pre- and post-assignment surveys related to their EML. They also peer-reviewed components of all submitted projects except their own.</p> <p>Assessment results and available student responses are positive and support the continued use of these PBL EML exercises to develop a better understanding of the technical content, societal and economic impact of the proposed solution, while supporting the students’ preparedness and readiness for the workforce.</p>

publication date

  • 2023

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