Beneficial effects of running and milk protein supplements on Sirtuins and risk factors of metabolic disorders in rats with low aerobic capacity Article (Faculty180)

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  • Lensu, S; Pekkala, S P; Mäkinen, A; Karstunen, N; Turpeinen, A T; Hulmi, J J J; Silvennoinen, M M M; Ma, H; Kujala, U M; Karvinen, S; Koch, L G; Britton, S L; Kainulainen, H


  • Physical activity and dietary intake of dairy products are associated with improved metabolic health. Dairy products are rich with branched chain amino acids that are essential for energy production. To gain insight into the mechanisms underlying the benefit of the sub-chronic effects of running and intake of milk protein supplements, we studied Low Capacity Runner rats (LCR), a rodent exercise model with risk for metabolic disorders. We especially focused on the role of Sirtuins, energy level dependent proteins that affect many cellular metabolic processes.

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  • 2019

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  • 100019


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