Synthesis and characterization of luminescent cadmium selenide/zinc selenide/zinc sulfide cholinomimetic quantum dots Article (Faculty180)

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  • G├ęgout, Claire; McAtee, Maria L; Bennett, Nichole M; Viranga Tillekeratne, L M; Kirchhoff, Jon R


  • Luminescent quantum dots conjugated with highly selective molecular recognition ligands are widely used for targeting and imaging biological structures. In this paper, water soluble cholinomimetic cadmium selenide (core), zinc selenide/zinc sulfide (shell) quantum dots were synthesized for targeting cholinergic sites. Cholinomimetic specificity was incorporated by conjugation of the quantum dots to an aminated analogue of hemicholinium-15, a well known competitive inhibitor of the high affinity choline uptake transporter. Detailed evaluation of the nanocrystal synthesis and characterization of the final product was conducted by (1)H and (31)P NMR, absorption and emission spectroscopy, as well as transmission electron microscopy.

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  • 2012

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