Synthesis of a new inhibitor of the UDP-GalNAc:polypeptide galactosaminyl transferase Article (Faculty180)

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  • Hatanaka, K; Slama, J T; Elbein, A D


  • Reaction of UDP-glucose with 1-hexadecanesulfonyl chloride (C16H33SO2Cl) in pyridine gave a new inhibitor of O-glycosylation. This reaction product was purified by TLC and shown by 1H-NMR and by chemical analysis of phosphorus to be uridine 5'-phosphoric (1-hexadecanesulfonic) anhydride. This compound was tested against the GalNAc transferase. The UMP-hexadecanesulfonic-anhydride did inhibit this enzyme with 50% inhibition requiring 160 microM. The inhibition with respect to UDP-GalNAc concentration was of the competitive type. We also synthesized the UMP-1-octanesulfonic anhydride (C8) and the UMP-butanesulfonic anhydride (C4) to see way effect fatty acid had on activity. The inhibition was in the order C16:C8:C4.


publication date

  • 1991

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  • 668

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