Differential roles of caveolin-1 in ouabain-induced Na+/K+-ATPase cardiac signaling and contractility Article (Faculty180)

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  • Bai, Yan; Wu, Jian; Li, Daxiang; Morgan, Eric E E; Liu, Jiang; Zhao, Xiaochen; Walsh, Aaron; Saikumar, Jagannath; Tinkel, Jodi; Joe, Bina; Gupta, Rajesh; Liu, Lijun


  • Binding of ouabain to cardiac Na/K-ATPase initiates cell signaling and causes contractility in cardiomyocytes. It is widely accepted that caveolins, structural proteins of caveolae, have been implicated in signal transduction. It is known that caveolae play a role in Na/K-ATPase functions. Regulation of caveolin-1 in ouabain-mediated cardiac signaling and contractility has never been reported. The aim of this study is to compare ouabain-induced cardiac signaling and contractility in wild-type (WT) and caveolin-1 knockout (cav-1 KO) mice. In contrast with WT cardiomyocytes, ouabain-induced signaling e.g., activation of phosphoinositide 3-kinase-α/Akt and extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK)1/2, and hypertrophic growth were significantly reduced in cav-1 KO cardiomyocytes. Interactions of the Na/K-ATPase α-subunit with caveolin-3 and the Na/K-ATPase α-subunit with PI3K-α were also decreased in cav-1 KO cardiomyocytes. The results from cav-1 KO mouse embryonic fibroblasts also proved that cav-1 significantly attenuated ouabain-induced ERK1/2 activation without alteration in protein and cholesterol distribution in caveolae/lipid rafts. Intriguingly, the effect of ouabain induced positive inotropy in vivo (via transient infusion of ouabain, 0.48 nmol/g body wt) was not attenuated in cav-1 KO mice. Furthermore, ouabain (1-100 μM) induced dose-dependent contractility in isolated working hearts from WT and cav-1 KO mice. The effects of ouabain on contractility between WT and cav-1 KO mice were not significantly different. These results demonstrated differential roles of cav-1 in the regulation of ouabain signaling and contractility. Signaling by ouabain, in contrast to contractility, may be a redundant property of Na/K-ATPase.


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  • 2016

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