Liver-specific rescuing of CEACAM1 reverses endothelial and cardiovascular abnormalities in male mice with null deletion of Ceacam1 gene Article (Faculty180)

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  • Russo, Lucia; Muturi, Harrison T; Ghadieh, Hilda E; Wisniewski, Alexander M; Morgan, Eric E E; Quadri, Syed S S; Landesberg, Gavin P; Siragy, Hel M; Vazquez, Guillermo; Scalia, Rosario; Gupta, Rajesh; Najjar, Sonia M


  • Mice with global null mutation of Ceacam1 (Cc1), display impairment of insulin clearance that causes hyperinsulinemia followed by insulin resistance, elevated hepatic de novo lipogenesis, and visceral obesity. In addition, they manifest abnormal vascular permeability and elevated blood pressure. Liver-specific rescuing of Ceacam1 reversed all of the metabolic abnormalities in Cc1 mice. The current study examined whether Cc1 male mice develop endothelial and cardiac dysfunction and whether this relates to the metabolic abnormalities caused by defective insulin extraction.


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  • 2018

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