Awareness and utilization of a prescription reporting system among physicians: Barriers, pitfalls and reasons for use Article (Faculty180)

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  • Knox, Michele; Feldman, Lance; Williams, Kristi Skeel; Coates, John


  • In 2011, 5 years after the implementation of a statewide prescription monitoring program (PMP) in Ohio, a survey was distributed to physicians in five specialty areas. During the study period, 95 of 156 surveys were returned, for a 61% response rate. The purpose of the questionnaire was to assess utilization rates as well as reasons for accessing the PMP database and any influence the database may have had on prescribing practices. Over 84% of respondents were aware of the existence of the state PMP. However less than 59% of the respondents who were aware of the program had ever used it. Medical specialty was found to have a significant impact on both awareness and utilization of the system, with pediatric physicians least likely, and emergency physicians most likely, to be aware of and utilize the state PMP. Recommendations based on the authors' survey results include targeting pediatric and internal medicine providers for increased education regarding awareness and benefits of PMP utilization.


publication date

  • 2011

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