Plk1/Polo Phosphorylates Sas-4 at the Onset of Mitosis for an Efficient Recruitment of Pericentriolar Material to Centrosomes Article (Faculty180)

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  • Ramani, Anand; Mariappan, Aruljothi; Gottardo, Marco; Mandad, Sunit; Urlaub, Henning; Avidor-Reiss, Tomer; Riparbelli, Maria; Callaini, Giuliano; Debec, Alain; Feederle, Regina; Gopalakrishnan, Jay


  • Centrosomes are the major microtubule-organizing centers, consisting of centrioles surrounded by a pericentriolar material (PCM). Centrosomal PCM is spatiotemporally regulated to be minimal during interphase and expands as cells enter mitosis. It is unclear how PCM expansion is initiated at the onset of mitosis. Here, we identify that, in Drosophila, Plk1/Polo kinase phosphorylates the conserved centrosomal protein Sas-4 in vitro. This phosphorylation appears to occur at the onset of mitosis, enabling Sas-4's localization to expand outward from meiotic and mitotic centrosomes. The Plk1/Polo kinase site of Sas-4 is then required for an efficient recruitment of Cnn and γ-tubulin, bona fide PCM proteins that are essential for PCM expansion and centrosome maturation. Point mutations at Plk1/Polo sites of Sas-4 affect neither centrosome structure nor centriole duplication but specifically reduce the affinity to bind Cnn and γ-tubulin. These observations identify Plk1/Polo kinase regulation of Sas-4 as essential for efficient PCM expansion.

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  • 2018

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  • 3618

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  • 3630.e6


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