Microarray analysis reveals potential target genes of NF-kappaB2/p52 in LNCaP prostate cancer cells Article (Faculty180)

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  • Nadiminty, Nagalakshmi; Dutt, Smitha; Tepper, Clifford; Gao, Allen C


  • Our previous studies showed that NF-kappaB2/p52 is involved in the castration-resistant growth of the androgen-sensitive LNCaP prostate cancer cells. The role of NF-kappaB2/p52 in lymphomagenesis has been studied extensively, but its target genes in other cancers remain unknown. In order to identify genes potentially regulated by p52 in prostate cancer cells, we performed a genome-wide microarray analysis of genes differentially up- or down-regulated by the overexpression of p52 by adenoviral-mediated gene delivery in LNCaP cells.

publication date

  • 2010

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