Ecdysone Elicits Chronic Renal Impairment via Mineralocorticoid-Like Pathogenic Activities Article (Faculty180)

cited authors

  • Lu, Minglei; Wang, Pei; Zhou, Sijie; Flickinger, Bryce; Malhotra, Deepak; Ge, Yan; Tatar, Marc; Dworkin, Lance; Liu, Zhangsuo; Gong, Rujun


  • Ecdysteroids are steroidal insect molting hormones that also exist in herbs. Ecdysteroid-containing adaptogens have been popularly used to improve well-being and by bodybuilders for muscle growth. However, the use of ecdysone in mammals is also associated with kidney growth and enlargement, indications of disturbed kidney homeostasis. The underlying pathogenic mechanism remains to be clarified.


publication date

  • 2018

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  • 1633

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  • 1645


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