Structure, function and regulation of gonadotropin receptors - a perspective Article (Faculty180)

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  • Menon, K M; Menon, Bindu


  • Luteinizing hormone receptor and follicle stimulating hormone receptor play a crucial role in female and male reproduction. Significant new information has emerged about the structure, mechanism of activation, and regulation of expression of these receptors. Here we provide an overview of the current information on those aspects with an in-depth discussion of the recent developments in the post-transcriptional mechanism of LH receptor expression mediated by a specific LH receptor mRNA binding protein, designated as LRBP. LRBP was identified by electrophoretic gel mobility shift assay using cytosolic fractions from ovaries in the down regulated state. LRBP was purified, its binding site on LH receptor mRNA was identified and characterized. During ligand-induced down regulation, LRBP expression is increased through the cAMP/PKA and ERK signaling pathway, is translocated to translating ribosomes, binds LH receptor mRNA and forms an untranslatable ribonucleoprotein complex. This complex is then routed to the mRNA degradation machinery resulting in diminished levels of both LHR mRNA and cell surface expression of LH receptor. The studies leading to these conclusions are presented.


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  • 2012

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