Reliability and Validity Evidence for the Hawaii Early Learning Profile, Birth-3 Years Article (Web of Science)


  • This study provides preliminary evidence for reliability and validity of the Hawaii Early Learning Profile Strands 0-3 (HELP Strands 0-3), an assessment instrument for young children. First, the degree of interobserver agreement for a sample of representative HELP items was examined; results indicated that HELP scoring was dependable and consistent across 82 providers. Second, content validity was evaluated by having 12 early childhood experts align HELP items with their related strands (i.e., specific developmental areas) and rank the developmental order of items within each strand. The experts agreed with the HELP item-to-strand alignment and with the developmental order of items. Finally, convergent and discriminant validity evidence was provided by correlating HELP domain scores with Battelle Developmental Inventory–Second Edition (BDI-2) domain scores. Evidence for convergent validity was found between similar domains; discriminant validity was evidenced by low correlations between unrelated domains of HELP and BDI-2.


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