The role of salesperson emotional behavior in value proposition co-creation Article (Web of Science)


  • Purpose This paper aims to focus on how salespeople use emotions to build connections and facilitate value proposition co-creation (VPCC) in B2B complex services sales. Design/methodology/approach This paper uses video recordings of authentic B2B sales meetings in a two-part qualitative study. Findings This paper proposes a set of salesperson emotional behaviors that influence the co-creation of value propositions with customers. This paper uncovers five salesperson emotional behavior archetypes influencing VPCC. Research limitations/implications This study advances the value proposition literature by linking salespeople’s emotional behaviors with micro-level activities in the collaborative crafting of value propositions. The unique methodology may encourage researchers to apply video recordings in future studies. Practical implications The study provides managerial guidelines for improved selling competence and sales team organization. Originality/value This study’s findings represent a new insight into the actual manifestations of salesperson emotional behaviors that are commonly discussed but rarely observed directly.


  • Kaski, Timo
  • Karsten, Yvonne
  • Alamäki, Ari
  • Stack, Suvi

publication date

  • 2021

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