Kinetics of Light-Induced Changes in P-I-N Cells with Protocrystalline Si:H Proceedings Paper (Web of Science)


  • AbstractStudies have been carried out on the thickness dependent transition between the amorphous and microcrystalline phases in intrinsic Si:H materials (i-layers) and its effect on p-i-n solar cell performance [1]. P(a-SiC:H)-i(a-Si:H)-n(╬╝cSi:H) cell structures were deposited with the intrinsic Si:H layer thickness and the flow ratio of hydrogen to silane, R=[H2]/[SiH4], guided by an evolutionary phase diagram obtained from real-time spectroscopic ellipsometry. The thickness range over which the fill factors are controlled by the bulk was established and their characteristics investigated with different protocrystalline i-layer materials (i.e., materials prepared near the amorphous to microcrystalline boundary but on the amorphous side). Insights into the properties of these materials and the effects of the transition to the microcrystalline phase were obtained from the systematic changes in the initial fill factors, their light-induced changes, and their degraded steady states for cells with i-layers of different thickness and H2 dilution.


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  • 1999

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