Toward a comprehensive scale of online shopping experiences: a mixed-method approach Article (Web of Science)


  • Purpose The objectives of the paper were to develop a theoretical framework of the online shopping experiences (OSE) concept, identify its constituent dimensions and subdimensions, and propose and test a comprehensive measurement scale that would incorporate and reconcile existing fragmented approaches to the phenomenon. Design/methodology/approach This paper utilized a mixed-method approach to conceptualize a complex phenomenon of online shopping experiences (OSE). Study 1 employed the grounded theory approach to understand the phenomenon, propose its comprehensive definition and a conceptual model. Study 2 developed and tested a comprehensive OSE measurement scale. Findings The study conceptualized OSE as a second-order construct with four mutually-connected constituent dimensions of OSE: practices, context, values and emotions, and their respective 21 subdimensions. It developed and validated a comprehensive scale that is superior to earlier proposed fragmented measures of OSE. Research limitations/implications The proposed theoretical framework can serve as a foundation for the OSE research stream and consolidate existing findings by providing a conceptual umbrella for different OSE aspects addressed in earlier research. The OSE measurement scale can be used to assess the impact of each OSE component on satisfaction and loyalty in different shopping situations. Practical implications The findings can assist retailers in evaluating usefulness of various tools in eliciting certain experiential effects, devising specific approaches to consumers at different touch points along their dynamic OSEs and developing engagement tactics for various shopping environments. Originality/value The study combined qualitative and quantitative approaches to offer a most comprehensive and unifying conceptualization and measurement instrument of OSEs.


  • Pentina, Iryna
  • Zolfagharian, Mohammadali
  • Michaud-Trevinal, AurĂ©lia

publication date

  • 2021

published in