Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of

μc-Si:H Very Thin Films Deposited by the VHF-GD Technique Proceedings Paper (Web of Science)


  • ABSTRACTIn this paper we present new results for very thin <p> μc-Si:H films (< 350 Å) deposited at low temperature (170 C) by the Very High Frequency - Glow Discharge technique (VHF-GD) at 70 MHz. First, the effect of boron doping on the growth and electrical properties of μc-Si:H very thin films is investigated, leading to an optimised value of about 0.6 % (B2H6/SiH4). Structural properties of an optimised thickness series ranging from 100 to 350 Å are studied using TEM, Raman, grazing angle X-ray diffraction/reflection and spectroscopie ellipsometry. Further, a columnar structure growth model for these very thin <p>-type μc-Si:H films will be proposed.


  • Flückiger, Roger
  • Meier, J.
  • Shah, A.
  • Catana, A.
  • Brunel, M.
  • Nguyen, H. V.
  • Collins, Robert W
  • Carius, R.

publication date

  • 1994

published in

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  • 511


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