Information processing and new product success: a meta‐analysis Article (Web of Science)


  • PurposeThis paper aims to analyze and quantitatively compare existing empirical findings on the role of organizational information‐processing and new product outcomes. The meta‐analytic technique is used to reconcile some of the current divergent thinking on the role of organizational learning in new product success.Design/methodology/approachThe method and procedure of the meta‐analysis are utilized to generalize existing empirical findings regarding the role of information processing in new product success by evaluating homogeneity of the obtained results, and measurement‐ and context‐related moderators of the relationship magnitude. It reports and discusses the results, and proposes theoretical and managerial implications of the findings.FindingsThe meta‐analysis of the relationship between organizational information processing and new product success supports an overall positive effect, and identifies measurement‐ and context‐related moderators influencing the magnitude of the relationship.Research limitations/implicationsThe analysis, done on the limited number of available effect sizes (77) due to the newness of the area, provides guidance to future researchers by clarifying operationalization and measurement of the main constructs, and suggesting the role of context variables for sampling purposes.Practical implicationsThe paper provides guidance to New Product Development (NPD) team leaders by emphasizing the need for integrating information‐related processes and idea management at various NPD stages, and stressing better effectiveness of information processing at the team level.Originality/valueThis first meta‐analysis in the area of information processing and new product outcomes confirms the importance of organizational learning in new product development and outlines important implications for future research and managerial practice.


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  • 2007

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