Types of smartphone usage and relations with problematic smartphone behaviors: The role of content consumption vs. social smartphone use Article (Web of Science)


  • Little previous research has clarified which types of smartphone use are related to problematic smartphone behaviors. We sampled 309 community participants online to understand the role of content consumption vs. social smartphone use in relation to specific problematic smartphone behaviors. Bivariate correlations indicated mostly significant relationships between problematic smartphone behaviors and both process and social usage – but with stronger correlations for process usage. Regression analyses, controlling for age and gender, demonstrated that problematic smartphone-related overuse was significantly associated with process smartphone usage, and to a lesser extent - social usage. Positive anticipation problem behaviors were related to process and social usage. Daily life disturbances from a smartphone were inversely related to process and social usage. Results provide insight into the types of problem smartphone behaviors associated with specific uses and gratifications from a smartphone.


  • Elhai, Jon D
  • Hall, Brian J.
  • Levine, Jason C.
  • Dvorak, Robert D.

publication date

  • 2017


  • 11


  • 2