An assessment of a biosensor system for the quantification of microcystins in freshwater cyanobacterial blooms Article (Web of Science)

cited authors

  • Chaffin, Justin D.; Barker, Katelyn B.; Bickman, Sarah R.; Bratton, John F.; Bridgeman, Thomas B.; Bhatia, Mudit; Buchholz, Seth D.; Bullerjahn, George S.; Johengen, Thomas H.; Kang, Dae-Wook; Lewis, Gregory G.; Lochhead, Michael J.; Macdonald, Brooks M.; Petrou, Cassandra L.; Platz, Michelle; Purcell, Heidi; Roser, Jack; Seo, Youngwoo; Siddiquee, Mashuk; Snyder, Brenda; Taylor, Autumn T.; Verhamme, Edward M.; Westrick, Judy A.

publication date

  • April 1, 2024


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  • Cyanotoxins
  • Harmful algal bloom
  • Lake Erie
  • Microcystis
  • Planktothrix


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