JWST's TEMPLATES for Star Formation: The First Resolved Gas-phase Metallicity Maps of Dust-obscured Star-forming Galaxies at z ∼ 4 Article (Web of Science)

International Collaboration

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  • Birkin, Jack E.; Hutchison, Taylor A.; Welch, Brian; Spilker, Justin S.; Aravena, Manuel; Bayliss, Matthew B.; Cathey, Jared; Chapman, Scott C.; Gonzalez, Anthony H.; Gururajan, Gayathri; Hayward, Christopher C.; Khullar, Gourav; Kim, Keunho J.; Mahler, Guillaume; Malkan, Matthew A.; Narayanan, Desika; Olivier, Grace M.; Phadke, Kedar A.; Reuter, Cassie; Rigby, Jane R.; Smith, J. D. T.; Solimano, Manuel; Sulzenauer, Nikolaus; Vieira, Joaquin D.; Vizgan, David; Weiss, Axel

publication date

  • November 1, 2023


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  • 958


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