Age-, Sex-, and Graft-Specific Reference Values From 783 Adolescent Patients at 5 to 7 Months After ACL Reconstruction: IKDC, Pedi-IKDC, KOOS, ACL-RSI, Single-Leg Hop, and Thigh Strength Article (Web of Science)

cited authors

  • Kuenze, Christopher; Weaver, Adam; Grindstaff, Terry L.; Ulman, Sophia; Norte, Grant E.; Roman, Dylan P.; Giampetruzzi, Nicholas; Lisee, Caroline M.; Birchmeier, Thomas; Triplett, Ashley; Farmer, Brooke; Hopper, Haleigh; Sherman, David A.; Ness, Brandon M.; Collins, Katherine; Walaszek, Michelle; Baez, Shelby E.; Harkey, Matthew S.; Tulchin-Francis, Kirsten; Ellis, Henry; Wilson, Philip L.; Chang, Edward S.; Wilcox, C. Luke; Schorfhaar, Andrew; Shingles, Michael; Hart, Joseph M.

publication date

  • April 1, 2023




  • activity
  • adolescent athlete
  • isokinetic knee extension and flexion
  • limb symmetry indices
  • return to sport
  • single-leg hopping

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