Soil enzymes in response to climate warming: Mechanisms and feedbacks Early Access (Web of Science) Review Article (Web of Science)

International Collaboration

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  • Fanin, Nicolas; Mooshammer, Maria; Sauvadet, Marie; Meng, Cheng; Alvarez, Gael; Bernard, Laetitia; Bertrand, Isabelle; Blagodatskaya, Evgenia; Bon, Lucie; Fontaine, Sebastien; Niu, Shuli; Lashermes, Gwenaelle; Maxwell, Tania L.; Weintraub, Michael N.; Wingate, Lisa; Moorhead, Daryl; Nottingham, Andrew T.

publication date

  • March 9, 2022


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  • carbon storage
  • carbon use efficiency
  • climate change
  • microbial ecology
  • soil extracellular enzymes
  • temperature sensitivity