"Consensus on Placebo and Nocebo Effects Connects Science with Practice:" Reply to "Questioning the Consensus on Placebo and Nocebo Effects" Early Access (Web of Science) Letter (Web of Science)

International Collaboration

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  • Evers, Andrea W. M.; Colloca, Luana; Blease, Charlotte; Gaab, Jens; Jensen, Karin B.; Atlas, Lauren Y.; Beedie, Chris J.; Benedetti, Fabrizio; Bingel, Ulrike; Buchel, Christian; Bussemaker, Jet; Colagiuri, Ben; Crum, Alia J.; Finniss, Damien G.; Geers, Andrew L.; Howick, Jeremy; Klinger, Regine; Meeuwis, Stefanie Helena; Meissner, Karin; Napadow, Vitaly; Petrie, Keith J.; Rief, Winfried; Smeets, Ionica; Wager, Tor D.; Wanigasekera, Vishvarani; Vase, Lene; Kelley, John M.; Kirsch, Irving; Consortium Placebo Experts


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  • February 25, 2021


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