Non-simultaneous kidney exchange cycles in resource-restricted countries without non-directed donation - a prospective single-center cohort study Article (Web of Science) Early Access (Web of Science)

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  • Kute, Vivek B.; Patel, Himanshu, V; Modi, Pranjal R.; Rizvi, Syed J.; Shah, Pankaj R.; Engineer, Divyesh P.; Banerjee, Subho; Meshram, Hari Shankar; Butala, Bina P.; Modi, Manisha P.; Gandhi, Shruti; Patel, Ansy H.; Mishra, Vineet V.; Roth, Alvin E.; Kopke, Jonathan E.; Rees, Michael A.


publication date

  • February 26, 2021


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  • ABO incompatible
  • donor
  • donor kidney transplantation
  • donor reneging
  • living‐
  • non‐
  • recipient pairs
  • sensitization
  • simultaneous kidney exchange cycle