• Dr. Viamajala has a BS degree Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from Washington State University. Dr. Viamajala’s primary interest is in bioprocessing for biofuel production. More specifically, he is actively pursuing research on algal biofuels and issues related to:

    • Improvements in productivity and economics of microalgae cultivation through lowering (or eliminating) concentrated CO2 inputs, minimizing nutrient use and developing strategies for inducing production of high value cost of cultivating of microalgae and influenced by simultaneous interactions between light (quality and irradiance), carbon dioxide concentrations, pH, and nutrient speciation;
    • Strategies for economical downstream conversion of algal lipids to biofuels (e.g. fatty acid alkyl esters) and bioproducts (e.g. fatty acid-based surfactants); and,
    • Pyrolysis of algal biomass.

     Dr. Viamajala has >40 scientific publications in high quality peer-reviewed journals and is an inventor/co-inventor on 10 patent applications. Dr. Viamajala has a robust research program funded by Federal and State agencies and has received over $10 million in research grants as a principal investigator or co-investigator during his academic career.

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  • Sridhar Viamajala


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