• Overall, I have made every effort to be a “well-rounded” faculty member.  Except for last year, I have not had a year in the last 19 years I have been here that I have not had a manuscript either accepted or published.  My contributions in the research and professional areas have come from my publishing of applied business articles focused on performance assessment and improvement and the impact of HRM on the bottom-line, and my activities as an ad hoc reviewer for different journals and professional meetings, and as an Associate Editor for The American Journal of Business. 


    I am proud to be a “difference maker” to students in the classroom.  The two awards I have received for undergraduate teaching since receiving tenure support and my many other nominations for teaching awards, teaching evaluations (both qualitative and quantitative, along with unsolicited student letters) suggest that my teaching is highly effective.  My Compensation course, which involves the creation of a major consulting level project involving the creation of a compensation system and the in-depth knowledge gained from my benefits courses, greatly add to the market value and long-term employability of my students and the creation of the Strategy and Metrics Course where students learn to do a full-scale organizational audit.  In addition, my other major contributions in the teaching arena have come with my help with the redesign of the general management major, the development of a M.B.A. specialization in Human Resource Management, and the redesign of the Ph.d. curriculum while serving on COBA Ph.D. committee 2005-2006, and through my individual mentorship of students as a faculty advisor and past efforts as a faculty representative to the college’s Society for Human Resource Management group, which I have done for a number of years since receiving tenure. 


    Finally, I have made tremendous efforts to fully participate in faculty governance through my extensive service contributions and my consistent focus on being a “good citizen.”  My merit ratings for service have been consistently high and these efforts were recognized by my winning the Brunner Service Award in 2006.  This award recognizes outstanding service over a five year period.  These service efforts are geared towards improving the quality of educational experience of our students and making us the strongest and most efficient educational institution possible.  I have chaired a number of committees at the College and Departmental level, worked hard to fulfill my senate and other committee responsibilities, performed internal consulting, and have always been willing to pitch in and help the college and university.  An examination of my service record should note active attendance at events, consistent willingness to act as a speaker for the college or department, and willingness to accept leadership through participation in the College and Departmental Personnel Committees, along with my external service.

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