• Christine Fox, PhD, is Professor of Research and Measurement, specializing in developing measures of perception for high-stakes decision-making across a variety of academic and corporate settings. Dr. Fox is co-author of one of the leading books on the Rasch measurement model, which has filled a much-needed gap in the literature, and one that was necessary for bringing a powerful measurement tool to a variety of disciplines. With the publication of this text, which has been cited over 7500 times across multiple disciplines (education, health, rehabilitation, psychology, medicine), the powerful diagnostics and stability of this model have revolutionized the way in which quantitative inferences can be made from perception data.


    Because perception data are often used to influence policy decisions and drive high-stakes decision-making, the nature of the work involves mixed-methods, where not only rigorous statistical diagnostics are used to evaluate the validity of the inferences, but also a deep involvement with content experts who help match the statistical evidence with the qualitative interpretation. By combining various methodological approaches to aid in defining and operationalizing perception constructs, she helps provide evidence to determine the extent to which quantification of perceptions is justifiable, and when the evidence is sufficient, the strength and types of inferences that can be made to further theory and practice. This includes help aligning construct definition, data coding, and analysis that will aid researchers and practitioners in extracting maximum meaning to make evidence-based decisions.


    Dr. Fox’s international reputation in the measure of perceptions has been applied to the construction of a passenger experience measure for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, to the perceptions of NATO’s perceived operational capacity and visibility, and to the analysis of perceptions held by the EU towards Ukraine and Israel/Palestine. Her expertise in the design and analysis of perception scales has enabled her to bring scientific rigor to the measure of psychological constructs, enabling researchers to make defensible statements regarding quantitative patterns and comparisons about attributes that heretofore could only be summarized qualitatively and descriptively.

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