• I have been a part of the University of Toledo institution for the majority my medical education, training and career.  I not only went to the University of Toledo College of Medicine for medical school, but also completed my residency at the University's PM and R residency program as well. Now, as an Assistant Professor here, my attention and focus has been in teaching, in addition to striving to provide quality care to my patients in the outpatient and inpatient setting.  Specifically, my interests lie in geriatric musculoskeletal medicine, including ultrasound-guided injection techniques.  I am proud to be one of two PM and R physicians in our program credited with initiating and continuing the new musculoskeletal ultrasound-guided injection cadaver lab sessions which takes place monthly at the university's simulation center.  My primary goal as a physician at this institution is to provide high quality education and care.  I provide teaching to students and residents during the majority of my clinical hours, but also give multiple formal lectures throughout the year.  I am highly motivated and passionate about helping our residents, our program and our university excel.  Additionally, I am honored to provide my time and efforts in supporting our academic institution in various ways.  Specifically, I currently the Chair of the Student Promotions Committee.  This committee is responsible for reviewing medical students who are experiencing academic difficulties and determining a course of action; and while it can be both challenging and time consuming, I believe it to be an important role.  

full name

  • Christian A Wuescher