Carolyn J Lee


  • Dr. Lee has been a registered nurse for 44 years and has advanced her professional education from an Associates Degree (1976), Baccalaureate Degree (1988), Master's Degree (1991) and Doctoral Degree (2006). She has a strong clinical background in critical care, intensive care and maternal/neonatal care. She has been a faculty member since 1991, earning the rank of Professor with Tenure in 2012 with a diverse record in undergraduate and graduate teaching. She has published and presented scholarly work and research to national and international audiences. Her current scholarly interests include faculty development, nursing history and role socialization of faculty and professional nursing students. She is grateful to have been recognized by peers and students in awards for teaching, scholarship and service during her career.  She has served as program director for the Nurse Educator and Clinical Nurse Leader Programs in the CON and appreciated the opportunity to further serve the College  as Department Chair for the Maternal, Pediatric, and Mental Health Department from January, 2018 to June, 2020. She considers her legacy as an educator to have contributed to the development of new nurses or those advancing in their nursing knowledge and career and that they have an awareness of the privilege afforded to those who do the work of nursing. 

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  • Carolyn J Lee


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