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  •                 My name is Carol Bryan.  I have been an RN since 1982 and most of my nursing career has been at the bedside.  I started out with an RN Diploma from Mercy School of Nursing, and worked three years in the ICU at Mercy Hospital, Toledo.   In 1985 I transferred to St. Charles Hospital where I worked an additional 24 years in Adult Med-Surg on a variety of units and shifts.  I spent time as a staff nurse (Nurse Clinician II), charge nurse (PCC), and participated in QI activities as well as stayed current with all RN educational requirements.   

                    My teaching began with me doing clinicals for the UT-ADN program as well as one semester as an adjunct clinical instructor for Mercy College.   In 2004 I was offered a full time faculty position teaching for the ADN program at UT.  When I accepted that position, I went contingent at St. Charles Hospital, and then retired from St. Charles in 2012 after a total of 27 years with the Mercy system.

                    I taught for the ADN program 2004 to 2010 at which time UT and MUO went through a merger, and I transitioned from the College of Health and Human Services to the College of Nursing.  I also began working on my PhD in 2009. 

                    In 2010 I was encouraged to resign and reapply for an Instructor position due to the UT-ADN program closing.  My new hire data as an Instructor in the College of Nursing was August 2010.

                    I have taught a variety of courses for the College of Nursing as I have pursued my PhD.  At this time I teach the capstone course which I designed for the new curriculum: The Precepted Practicum.  It is primarily the course associated with the students working 108 precepted hours alongside their assigned RNS.  They also meet for post conferences in small groups, meet with me for seminars and learning opportunities weekly, and work on both individual and group projects.  I also teach two courses in the RN to BSN program: “Nursing Care of Older Adults” (NURS: 4290), and “Transition to Professional Practice” (NURS: 4350).  I have a strong interest in the ADN and diploma RNs, as I have had much experience working with these nurses during my bedside nursing experience as well as teaching in the ADN program. 

                    I have just completed my PhD in Foundations of Education: Educational Psychology and graduated August 9. 2017.   My research interests focus on finding ways for faculty to help at-risk groups and other struggling students succeed.  I am working on several spin off papers from my dissertation including papers with the topics:  the experiences of novice ESL nurses, suggestions of ESL RNs for ways faculty can help and support ESL students’ successes, and the method of using written interviews to collect qualitative research data.

                    I am working with a research team on an NONA grant funded IRB approved feasabilty study exploring the use of the "Carres Modules" by caregivers of people with history of stroke and/or Alzheimers disease in improving their ability to care for these people at home and reducing hospital visits and admissions.  I am the project manager and will be recruiting participants this summer and fall at support and education meetings for these caregivers.  

                    There is much more work for me to do, and I feel like I am now just getting started with my new role as Dr. Carol Bryan soon to be pursuing promotion.  

                    I am available for further inquiry and will update this biography periodically as I write, publish, and further my research interests. 

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