• 2005 - 2007: Audited four 3-credit hour classes of Undergrad level courses at UT.

    2003 - 2007: Complted 27 credit hours of Graduate Level courses at UT. 


                      Monroe County Community College ~ (Undergrad level classes)

    • Basic Drawing
    • History of Art I 

                      Siena Heights ~ (Undergrad level classes)

    • Advanced Typography
    • Advanced Illustration & Book Design
    • Internship, Newspaper Industry
    • Internship, Graphic Design Training & Development

                      University of Toledo ~ (Graduate level classes)

    • Art & History of the Printed Book
    • Principles and Practices in Visual Communication
    • Persuasive Communication
    • Writing about the Visual Arts
    • Studies in Visual Arts: History of Photography
    • Studies in Visual Arts: Biographical Investigations in Visual Arts

    Related non-credit Seminar at UT

    • Sandberg Institute Children's Literature Seminar

    Audited undergrad level classes, to supplement my education: 

    • The Art & Process of the Book
    • Internet Design & Publishing
    • Dreamweaver Web Page Development

     Additional Trainings:

    Technical and Related Graphics Trainings: Various Continuing Education Classes through University of Toledo, MCCC, Bedford H. S. Courses included: Keylining and Layout, Drafting, Small Business Management, Marketing, etc. Numerous hardware and software trainings: Adobe Systems, Inc., Quark, Microsoft, MacroMedia, Xerox, Claris, Apple Computer, MacroMind, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, et al

full name

  • Bonnie M Berry