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  • I had over 10 years of experience as a hospitalist before I joined the University of Toledo Medical Center. I’ve always known that hospital medicine is where my passion lies. I enjoy being the glue that holds the multidisciplinary care together for our patients. However, I was interested in venturing into an academic setting, and so I was thrilled to join the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Science in the fall of 2017 as an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Clinical Educator track.

    Throughout my time here, I’ve come to realize that teaching is another of my strongest my passions. Working with medical students has been extremely enjoyable. Helping to mold their positive habits and contribute to the medical knowledge of our future’s physicians is a daunting yet rewarding task. Over the last year and half, our service has also collaborated with GIM to proctor a consult rotation for Internal Medicine residents, and this affords me another opportunity to teach an additional rank of learners.

    In addition to the academic side of my role here, I have taken an active role in leadership within the hospital. Holding my current position of Division Chief as well as Chief of Staff allows me to continually work towards improving the clinical and administrative aspects of UTMC. As Division Chief, I ensure that my group plays an active role by participating in committees such as Quality, Pharmacy, Trauma, Readmissions, as well as numerous others. My role as Chief of Staff allows me to facilitate the cohesion needed between medical staff and administration.

    An inspirational teacher and an effective leader are invaluable characteristics to our institution, and I have worked diligently to improve my skills in these areas over the last six years. I am excited to continue this journey of teaching our future doctors, and I hope that you consider my application to promotion to Associate Professor in the Clinical Educator Track.

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