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    I joined The University of Toledo Medical Center faculty in October 2017 after completing my fellowship training in Gastroenterology at The University of Toledo. Prior to my time at The University of Toledo, I completed my residency training at Henry Ford Hospital and St. Mary Mercy Hospital, both of which are in Michigan.
    From my early days of medical school in Beirut, I have pursued a career in academic medicine. In addition to being a clinician, being a professor gives me the opportunity to contribute towards educating future physicians, administration, and continuing to research and innovate. One of the most important factors in being a successful clinician, is continuing medical education. Learning is an ongoing process, an unyielding commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements and best practices in the field. In medicine, one pathway to be a lifelong learner is to be a teacher: on a journey of acquiring knowledge and greater understanding. As an educator, sharing knowledge with others opens new avenues of self-understanding. Each interaction with students, presents an opportunity to explore different perspectives, deepen my comprehension, and refine my teaching skills. This cycle of teaching and learning reinforces the notion that in the act of teaching, I too am a perpetual student, forever growing in knowledge and insight. These ideals have made me committed to academic medicine.
    I am deeply grateful for the opportunities that have shaped my career and allowed me to contribute to the advancements of knowledge in our field. As I move forward, I remain steadfast in my pursuit of innovation, collaboration, and the highest standards of professional integrity.

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