Introducing lifestyle medicine into family medicine: Theory and applications Article (Faculty180)

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  • Brennan, Julie; Phelps, Kevin; McGrady, Angele; Schultz, Paul


  • "Lifestyle medicine (LM) is an evidence-based therapeutic intervention delivered by clinicians trained and certified in this specialty to prevent, treat, and often reverse chronic disease". Eighty percent of the conditions primary care physicians routinely encounter in their offices, e.g., diabetes mellitus, hypertension, COPD, cardiovascular disease, have root causes in poor lifestyle choices, e.g., smoking, insufficient sleep, being sedentary, eating highly processed foods. Lifestyle is the foundation of most chronic disease management guidelines aimed at reducing morbidity and mortality. Studies have shown that changes in lifestyle can be achieved and the changes link almost directly to reduction in risk for chronic illness. Primary care physicians are ideally positioned to incorporate LM into their practices. It is important to recognize and find solutions to the many barriers to implementing LM from the patient, physician, and system level. There is an urgent need to increase opportunities for practicing physicians to increase their knowledge and skills related to LM and include this in medical school and residency curricula. Many resources exist that can provide the necessary training to seasoned physicians and students/residents to become competent in practicing LM and address barriers to implementing LM. LM has the potential to revolutionize clinical practice by placing a greater emphasis on disease prevention and the role of healthy lifestyle behaviors in disease management and remission.


publication date

  • 2023

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