Endoscopic therapy for significant gastric outlet obstruction caused by a small pancreatic pseudocyst with a unique shape and location Article (Faculty180)

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  • Bawany, Muhammad Z; Rafiq, Ehsan; Ahmad, Safia; Chaudhry, Quratulain; Nawras, Ali


  • Large perigastric or periduodenal pseudocysts are a potential cause of gastric outlet obstruction, usually requiring interventional drainage of the pseudocysts. In contrary most of the small pseudocysts are asymptomatic and require no therapy. However, certain small pseudocysts can produce clinically significant problem depending on their location. Here we report a case of small pseudocyst (12.0 mm in width) with a unique shape and location causing significant Gastric outlet obstruction treated successfully with endoscopy.


publication date

  • 2012

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