Do Water-aided Techniques Improve Serrated Polyp Detection Rate During Colonoscopy?: A Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis Article (Faculty180)

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  • Aziz, Muhammad; Mehta, Tej I; Weissman, Simcha; Sharma, Sachit; Fatima, Rawish; Khan, Zubair; Dasari, Chandra S; Lee-Smith, Wade; Nawras, Ali; Adler, Dou G


  • The utility of water-aided techniques (WT): water exchange (WE) and water immersion (WI) have been studied extensively in the literature for improving colonoscopy outcome metrics such as adenoma detection rate. Serrated polyps owing to their location and appearance have a high miss rate. The authors performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies comparing WT with the standard gas-assisted (GA) method to determine if there was any impact on serrated polyp detection rate (SPDR) and sessile serrated polyp detection rate.


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  • 2021

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