Increased cerebral oxygen metabolism and ischemic stress in subjects with metabolic syndrome-associated risk factors: preliminary observations Article (Faculty180)

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  • Uchino, Ken; Lin, Ridwan; Zaidi, Syed F; Kuwabara, Hiroto; Sashin, Donald; Bircher, Nicholas; Chang, Yue- F; Hammer, Maxim D; Reddy, Vivek; Jovin, Tudor G; Vora, Nirav; Jumaa, Mouhammad; Massaro, Lori; Billigen, Julia; Boada, Fernando; Yonas, Howard; Nemoto, Edwin M


  • Hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and dyslipidemia are risk factors that characterize metabolic syndrome (MetS), which increases the risk for stroke by 40%. In a preliminary study, our aim was to evaluate cerebrovascular reactivity and oxygen metabolism in subjects free of vascular disease but with one or more of these risk factors. Volunteers (n=15) 59±15 (mean±SD)years of age clear of cerebrovascular disease by magnetic resonance angiography but with one or more risk factors were studied by quantitative positron emission tomography for measure ment of cerebral blood flow, oxygen consumption, oxygen extraction fraction (OEF), and acetazolamide cerebrovascular reactivity. Eight of ten subjects with MetS risk factors had OEF >50%. None of the five without risk factors had OEF >50%. The presence of MetS risk factors was highly correlated with OEF >50% by Fisher's exact test (p<0.007). The increase in OEF was significantly (P<0.001) correlated with cerebral metabolic rate for oxygen. Increased OEF was not associated with compromised acetazolamide cerebrovascular reactivity. Subjects with one or more MetS risk factors are characterized by increased cerebral oxygen consumption and ischemic stress, which may be related to increased risk of cerebrovascular disease and stroke.

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  • 2010

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