General anesthesia vs procedural sedation for failed NeuroThrombectomy undergoing rescue stenting: intention to treat analysis Article (Faculty180)

cited authors

  • Mohammaden, Ma H; Haussen, Diogo C; Al-Bayati, Alhamza R; Hassan, Am E; Tekle, Wondwossen; Fifi, Johanna T; Matsoukas, Stavros; Kuybu, Okkes; Gross, Br A; Lang, Michael; Narayanan, Sandra; Cortez, Gustavo M; Hanel, Ric A; Aghaebrahim, Amin; Sauvageau, Eric; Farooqui, Mudassir; Ortega-Gutierrez, Santiago; Zevallos, Cynthia B; Galecio-Castillo, Milagros; Sheth, Sunil A; Nahhas, Michael; Salazar-Marioni, Sergio; Nguyen, Tha N; Abdalkader, Mohamad; Klein, Piers; Hafeez, Muhammad; Kan, Peter; Tanweer, Omar; Khaldi, Ahmad; Li, Hanzhou; Jumaa, Mouhammad; Zaidi, Syed F; Oliver, Marion; Salem, Mohamed M M; Burkhardt, Jan- K; Pukenas, Bryan; Kumar, Rahul; Lai, Michael; Siegler, Jam E; Peng, Sophia; Alaraj, Ali; Nogueira, Raul G


  • There is little data available to guide optimal anesthesia management during rescue intracranial angioplasty and stenting (ICAS) for failed mechanical thrombectomy (MT). We sought to compare the procedural safety and functional outcomes of patients undergoing rescue ICAS for failed MT under general anesthesia (GA) vs non-general anesthesia (non-GA).

publication date

  • 2022